Hygiene in real time: CWS enhances CWS smartMate digital washroom solution

·         Everything in one web interface: The current visitor frequency and the fill level of the materials at a glance.

·         Simple communication of stock levels in the washroom leads to needs-based management

·         CWS smartMate can be easily integrated into the existing building management system


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20 January 2021 Hygiene

Duisburg, 20 January. CWS, a full-service provider in the solution areas of washroom hygiene, workwear and fire safety, has now launched its CWS smartMate digital dispenser system – a digital solution to an analogue problem in public washrooms: CWS smartMate provides insights into washroom hygiene. The IoT system automatically records visitor flows as well as filling levels in the installed washroom product dispensers and makes these data available to the respective operators by means of a web portal and an app. The real-time data make it possible to manage resources on a targeted basis, optimise building management services, raise hygiene levels and ensure greater efficiency. The smartMate system enables optimal response whenever dispensers in sanitary facilities in offices, industrial plants, airports or railway stations need replenishing with disposable towels, soap or disinfectant.

"It is quite clear at the latest since the outbreak of the current corona pandemic that regular handwashing is absolutely essential towards containing the spread of viruses and pathogens. We want to simplify washroom management for washroom operators with our digital solutions. Our current CWS smartMate is even more innovative and easier to use because it communicates by itself. The continuous communication of washroom visitor numbers and the current filling status of hygienic-product dispensers means that operators are automatically given a real-time update and can react accordingly where necessary. Replenishments of soap, disposable towels and disinfectants can thus be provided as needed. With the CWS smartMate, an intelligent digital washroom solution is also moving into the washroom of tomorrow this year," reports Karolin Rohmer, Director Group Product Lines Hygiene & Floorcare at CWS.  

CWS smartMate – IoT in the washroom

CWS smartMate can be integrated into various building management systems, but can also be used as a stand-alone digital solution. Thanks to the real-time data it communicates, the software solution gives building managers or washroom operators at-a-click insights into the consumption status of the hygiene dispensers in their facilities. At the same time, its measurement of visitor frequency means that CWS smartMate provides key data such as peak times or dispenser usage.

From a technical point of view, the CWS smartMate is a further development of its forerunner, which was already launched on the market in 2017. This system is based on EnOcean technology and was developed in collaboration with mimacom. Full-service provider CWS is thus pointing the way for digitisation in washrooms.

In addition, the IoT system simplifies resource management. Thanks to the level indicator, the cleaning staff know exactly which washroom products need replenishing and which ones don't. Besides the information on any shortage of consumables, CWS smartMate also gives notification of any material problems the dispensers might have. In addition to relevant information and service reports, the CWS Hygiene department also provides video tutorials in the app for training cleaning staff in the replenishment of washroom products. Developed by the hygiene specialist in cooperation with mimacom, the dispenser management system can currently be used in combination with the CWS ParadiseLine range of washroom products. There are more dispenser series to come.


About CWS

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