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Fire alarm systems

Alarm systems can detect early fires, inform those present and - depending on the system - initiate targeted automatic help and protective measures.

A fire alarm system makes a significant contribution to the safety of people and buildings. The installation is based on requirements of authorities or insurance or can also be installed voluntarily.

CWS offers different types of fire alarm systems:

Are you interested in a fire alarm system?

Quick help thanks to the fire alarm system

Damage limitation

The early warning system detects fires at an early stage and keeps damage from major fires within limits.

Targeted alerting

People present can be alerted immediately and evacuation measures can be initiated.

Report to aid agencies

With radio-controlled fire alarm systems, offices such as porters, security guards or the fire brigade are also quickly informed.

Fire protection devices act automatically

Extinguishing systems can be triggered, fire doors closed and smoke extraction systems opened at the push of a button or automatically.

If you would like advice on fire alarm systems, please contact us.

Choice of fire alarm systems

Which fire alarm system is the right one?

Fire alarms and fire systems are based on

  • to which fire hazards they should react, for example to heat, smoke and gases or a combination of these
  • how big the building is and how many people it can accommodate
  • how it is used, for example as a commercial building, production facility or nursing home.
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Do you need a fire alarm system or maintenance of your BMA?

Step by step to the fire alarm system

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Fire protection and electrics work hand in hand so that a system can go into operation. The structure and operation are based on the legal requirements of DIN 14675 for fire alarm systems, DIN VDE 0833-1 / 2 for hazard alarm systems and VdS 2095 for automatic fire alarm systems. We carry out all fire protection, wiring and electrical installation work. The installer certificate and documentation for authorities are of course included.

Good to know: The installer certificate is a document in which the company carrying out the work certifies its specialist knowledge and the proper execution of the work.

The steps in detail

  1. Contact: You are contacting us because your fire protection expert has determined the need for a fire alarm system.
  2. Planning: You send us information about the existing system, for a new system the specification of services or the fire protection concept. We would be happy to provide you with any missing information.
  3. Implementation: With the help of the planning documents, we install, test and document your fire alarm system so that nothing can go wrong during the official acceptance.
  4. Acceptance: An expert is commissioned to check the system. He compares the system with the requirements of the authorities and fire protection service, checks the functionality and grants approval for commissioning. CWS brings together all the necessary approvals and documents and also informs the security service or fire brigade, for example.
  5. Training: We hand you the documentation and instruct you in the operation of your system. Now you are a bit safer.

Maintain security

Maintenance and repair

Officially required ELA systems, house alarm systems as well as the fire alarm system are subject to annual expert maintenance. In addition, a quarterly inspection must be carried out at the BMA according to DIN 14675. Every three months the fire alarm system is checked for soiling and damage to fire alarm components, for the detection of structural changes as well as for changes to the surrounding situation. An operating book according to VdS 2182 must be kept.

CWS Fire Safety will be happy to support you with this, the most convenient solution is a maintenance and repair contract.

Deadlines and rectification of defects at a BMA

The maintenance of a fire alarm system includes:

  • the visual inspection for soiling and damage to components in the system
  • the control of all detectors and displays in the fire alarm control panel
  • the replacement of automatic fire detectors, depending on the degree of pollution, after five or eight years

You must rectify safety-relevant defects in the system within a set period. After this has expired, the expert also carries out the re-examination, but no later than three years. Defects that have not been rectified are then reported to the building supervisory authority. The expert examination is repeated at regular intervals.

Brandmeldeanlage BMA Wartung mit Tablet

Our fire protection solutions

CWS Solution Fire Safety Planung Beratung Dokumentation

Advice, planning & documentation

Fire protection concepts, escape plans and their official documentation also come from us.

CWS Solution Fire Safety Installation Abnahme

Installation & acceptance

More about how a fire protection device is implemented and prepared for acceptance.

CWS Solution Fire Safety Wartung Instandhaltung

Service & Maintenance

We check fire extinguishers, systems and the like for functionality and correct defects.

CWS Solution Fire Safety Brandschutz Schulung

Fire protection training

We prepare your employees for emergencies.

CWS Benefit Fire Safety external View

Fire protection officer

Our professionals can identify, assess and eliminate risks in fire protection.


Questions and answers about fire alarm systems

What is a fire alarm system used for?

The fire alarm system is a fire alarm and / or alarm system that warns of smoke or fire. It alerts people in the room and, depending on the version, can also inform central help centers such as the security service or the fire brigade.

What types of fire alarm systems are there?

Systems can be divided into two main types:

  • Systems that are linked to the central control center of the fire brigade and can alert directly in an emergency, as well as
  • Systems that alert people in the building but do not send a signal to the fire brigade

Is a fire alarm system necessary in every company?

No. A fire alarm system is only necessary if authorities require such a system or if experts issue a condition. However, it helps to minimize damage to the building in the event of an actual fire.

Special structures such as industrial buildings, shopping and meeting places as well as hospitals and nursing homes are usually obliged to install a fire alarm system.

How often does a fire alarm system have to be serviced?

A connected system, i.e. a system with radio connection to the fire brigade such as the fire alarm system, must be serviced quarterly.

Manufacturer of fire alarm systems

We are certified for the following manufacturer products: ABB, Detectomat, DYNACORD, Esser, Hekatron, Hertek, LST Labor Strauss, NSC, Schrack and Securiton.

In addition, we carry out maintenance, repairs and installations through cooperation on products from manufacturers: NOTIFIER and Bosch.

Together we will see which fire alarm system fits best. Write to us.

Do you have any questions about fire alarm systems?

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