Door guard

Door guards provide more security against unauthorised use of escape doors. An acoustic signal informs about the opening of the escape door.

Door guard

Door guard


  • Maintenance
  • Installation
  • Consulting
  • Planning & project engineering
  • Support from CWS fire protection officer


  • Quick assembly
  • Batteries provide functionality independent of mains power
  • Option for retrofitting fire doors

Door guard - advice, installation & testing

CWS door guards secure escape doors against unauthorised use. They are located below the door handle to secure emergency exit doors. This means that the door handle cannot be pressed down without triggering the door guard and thus the door cannot be opened unintentionally. In addition, an acoustic signal informs about the release of the door guard or the opening of the escape door.

Door guards are used as part of fire protection for inward and outward opening escape doors. Their functions include securing the escape door, an acoustic signal when triggered by an integrated battery (approx. 80–95 dB), as well as resetting to the initial position using the device key.

CWS door guards are made of green cast aluminium and can be used for left and right doors, with directional arrows indicating the correct opening.

Types of door guards:

  1. The one-handed door guard can be pressed down vertically with one hand to open the door.
  2. The swing door guard is swung to the side to push down the door handle.

Testing of door guards: In order to guarantee fire protection, door guards must be inspected annually by an expert. The operator must present a test certificate to the building supervisory authority on request. CWS installs door guards, attaches the necessary signs, and carries out the recurring inspection.


  • Visually clear marking protects against unintentional use
  • Retrofitting possible
  • Independent reset with device key

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