Escape door hood

Escape door bonnets are fitted over the door handle to protect against improper use of emergency exit doors and escape windows.

Escape door hood

Escape door hood


  • Maintenance
  • Installation
  • Consulting
  • Planning & project engineering


  • Available with and without lock
  • Reusable, as the plastic is shatterproof, only the fixing straps need to be replaced
  • Quick and easy to use, as no electrical installation is necessary

Escape door hood - advice & installation

The escape door bonnet is used to secure emergency exit doors. Escape door bonnets are placed above the emergency exit handle of a door to create a barrier to improper use. This ensures that no one accidentally operates the door handle, as the bonnet must be deliberately knocked off. It is thus a simple escape door safety device. In case of emergency, the escape door bonnet can be easily knocked off without causing injury and the door handle can be used.

Escape door bonnets are used to secure:

  • Emergency exits
  • Fire doors
  • Escape windows

The escape door cover is available with or without a lock. In the variant with lock, the escape door bonnet can be removed via the lock without knocking it off and the door can be opened. This option is suitable for door systems that have to be opened several times by authorised persons, e.g. for supplier traffic.

Components of an escape door bonnet:

  • Escape route bonnet (reusable)
  • Fixing straps with predetermined breaking point (exchangeable, usually 1-4 fixing points)
  • Pictogram

All-round carefree package:

CWS offers you an all-round carefree package and a large selection of escape door bonnets. We will be happy to advise you and also take care of the installation of the escape door bonnets.


  • Optically clear use


Escape door hoods are reusable after use.

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