Diversity at CWS: Because diversity pays off

Promoting diversity can make an important contribution to a company's success – which is why numerous employees at CWS are voluntarily involved in various diversity projects.


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27 October 2022

Diversity is becoming increasingly important in the corporate world. There is a good reason for this: more diversity often means more innovative strength. Many companies use diversity management specifically as a strategic tool to expand into new markets and better reach their international customers. On top of that, an open, diverse corporate culture promotes an attractive atmosphere for existing and potential professionals and managers.

Diversity to ensure a bright future

With subsidiaries in 15 countries, CWS interacts with a whole range of diverse customer groups. In addition, the company's employees come from a wide variety of backgrounds and bring with them expertise in a multitude of disciplines. However, they all have one thing in common: they work as a team to ensure that their customers are satisfied, thus working hand in hand to ensure the long-term success of the company. To make this even more effective, CWS has set up a Diversity Council. Under the leadership of this committee, four working groups with a total of approximately 120 voluntary employees have developed diversity projects, dealing with the topics of age, gender, nationality and people with disabilities. In addition, there is a project committed to developing an e-learning program that addresses unconscious bias.

Four key projects for more diversity

At the end of 2021, the four working groups presented four of their project ideas: For example, a job-sharing program aims to increase employees' motivation to independently develop and implement innovative ideas within the company. A job rotation project encourages employees to continue their careers in another country or region. The intention behind this is to raise awareness of diversity and different perspectives. A special mentoring program brings together experienced and new employees in order to also teach the “unwritten” rules of CWS. And finally, a health program intends to ensure greater mental flexibility and resilience among employees.

„At CWS, we believe that diverse perspectives lead to smarter decisions, more innovation and better collaboration,“ said Dr. Maren Otte, Group Director of Corporate Communications & Corporate Responsibility. Over the next couple of years, the goal is to integrate the four programs for more diversity step by step into everyday working life at CWS.

In our latest Sustainability Report, you can learn more about how CWS is already setting the course for a healthier and safer world for future generations – and how the company is committed to a diverse and inclusive work culture.